3D Printed Pills


3D Printers are helpful in printing 3D models of anything needed. Now for the first time they are being used to get pill produced by the 3D printer. The pharmaceutical company Aprecia developed this Epilepsy controlling pill which is already approved by US Authorities. Dr Mohamed Albed Alhnan, of University of Central Lancashire said, “For the last 50 years we have manufactured tablets in factories and shipped them to hospitals and for the first time this process means we can produce tablets much closer to the patient,” with 3D printing drugs can be manufactured and customised according to the specific need. By printing the medicines, the company able could able to put high dosage in 1 tablet easier to swallow by the patients. Dr Alhanan also added, ‘‘it would mean that medical institutions could adjust the dose for individual patients with just a simple tweak to the software before printing. Previously, such personalised medicine would have been extremely expensive to produce.’’

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