Back To The Future Hoverboard Only $10,000!!!!

There are millions of us that were desperate to get our hands on a hoverboard, even though back then they didn’t exist. Obviously we also wanted the self lacing Nike’s that went with it and it was all a distant dream that would never see reality. Well guess what? If you want to part with some serious cash then your dreams could quite possibly come true!




Arx Pax, a company from California, is now offering the real McCoy, that’s right a genuine hover board! Of course we have seen several replicas down the years…..non hovering of course! But this one really does hover. There is a slight blow though and that is that the “Hendo” uses magnets so will only be able to hover on special surfaces, so you won’t be cruising over your local lake or hovering to school or work!


The current prototype of the Hendo will hover about 3cm off the ground for around 15 minutes but will only float over floors made of non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminium.

The company said “About two years ago, we began investigating magnetic field architecture (MFA) and hover technology as a better way to build, move people and move materials,” said Arx Pax founder Greg Henderson. “During our research, we discovered a way to transmit electromagnetic technology that is far more efficient than anything else. This means that our patent-pending Hendo Hover Engine technology can enable platforms to hover over non-ferrous materials with payloads of virtually any size and weight.”

It is a step closer but still it doesn’t look like we will ever see a Marty McFly hoverboard that had so many of us dreaming. Also the price tag of about $10,000 will men they won’t be seen everywhere that’s for sure. If it does materialise then Goldgenie will of course let you know and who knows we may even make it gold just because we can.

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