Far From the World, Closer to the Wifi


Wifi is not only good for updating selfies on Instagram or updating Facebook status, it can also be used in emergency especially when there will be less or no mobile coverage. There are several places where Wifi was being installed with the same idea in mind. The most recent of which is Mount Fuji in Japan. Japanese Govt is going to install Free Wifi on the mountain by which hikers mountain climber or anyone near or on the mountain can get in touch with others through Wifi and can get updated weather news and call for help if needed. This Wifi is apparently free for first 72 hours by the time you first log in. Fuji is not the only mountain in the world with Wifi access. Mount Everest is enjoying Wifi since 2010 with the highest hotspot in the world at around 17000 feet. The International space station also uses Wifi to connect to the computer at ground for the remote control. And the coolest Wifi is installed on North Pole since 2005. Though it is being used by very less

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