Goldgenie Release iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Limited Edition Gulf States Elite

Customisation Kings Goldgenie have recently created a collection of Limited Edition iPhones with a Gulf State theme. All Seven Gulf States are included in this very exclusive collection of iPhones. The Limited Edition iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Elite Gulf States range which features Goldgenie’s best selling iPhone luxuriously embellished in 24ct. gold, rose ..

Apology From Bono For Automatic iTunes Download Of U2 Album

U2 front man Bono has released a public apology for his band’s album being automatically sent to the libraries of millions of  iTunes users worldwide. It was suggested to him that it was ‘rude’ to make the assumption that everyone would want this album on their devices and Bono replied: ‘Oops, I’m sorry about that.’ ..

Android Lollipop Being Rolled out By Google This Week

Google love a codename and rather than stick with operating system 5.0 it has given their latest version it’s very own name and will be known as Lollipop. The operating system is expected to begin roll out as early as tomorrow (October 17th) Google have described the latest update as a “quantum leap forward” in ..

Wearable Technology: Samsung Reveals New Device

After last nights episode of The Apprentice we thought it would be appropriate to run this story. Whilst the BBC show revealed some interesting wearable products that may never see the light of day, we can reveal Samsung’s latest invention that could be used in successful wearable products. The tech giant has revealed their new bendable ..

Luxury Gold iPhone 6 Swarovski Brilliance Elite By Goldgenie

Goldgenie have yet again raised the bar when it comes to customising iPhones. The NEW iPhone 6 has had the back and sides embellished in either 24 CT. Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum and also inlaid with Swarovski Crystals around the bezel and on the back top/bottom making this the must have iPhone. This masterpiece is ..

Tornado 348 Launches As World’s Thinnest Smartphone

Kazam is a UK-based smartphone manufacturer and it has just launched “the thinnest smartphone” or so it claims.The Tornado 348 measures a very thin 5.15mm in depth. Apple’s iPhone 6 has a depth of 6.9mm, so it is clear that this is a very thin smartphone indeed. Previosuly the world’s thinnest smartphone was claimed to be the Elife ..

Google Glass Addict Treated In USA

        A 31-year-old American man has been treated for what has been called “Internet addiction disorder” that is believed to have been contributed to by an obsession with Google Glass. He had apparently been wearing the device for up to 18 hours a day. His side effects were that he was feeling irritable and also ..

October Unveiling For Google Nexus 6 Android

We are hearing that Google are preparing to unveil a new Android smartphone named the Nexus 6 that will have a screen size that is even larger than that of Apple’s New iPhone 6 Plus with reports suggesting it could be as big as 5.9″. The 5.9 inch screen would make Google’s android smartphone one of the biggest devices on ..

18 Carat Gold Earphones at Goldgenie

In a world where it is all about the latest in fashion and standing out from the crowd, Goldgenie have come up with yet another fashion accessory fit for a King. Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition is a fresh take on jewellery. You can upgrade your look with the most contemporary fashion detail of them all: ..

November Release Date For Samsung Galaxy A5

The Samsung Galaxy A5 is rumoured for a scheduled release date in November and as with any new release of the most up to date gadget there have been leaks galore. The photo below is apparently of the new smartphone.   The Galaxy A5 will apparently share the same unibody design as the Alpha, which ..

Goldgenie Give P Diddy Early Birthday Gift

P Diddy received his Limited edition King Combs branded 24k Gold iPhone 6 last week as an early birthday gift from London based customisation company Goldgenie. Stylist to the stars Sam Desalu who is also Goldgenie brand ambassador for the American market presented the rare 24k  iPhone that has been laser marked “King Combs” at an event ..

New Apple iPad Air 2 Leak

Latest News of another brand new Apple product is that of the iPad air 2. These are the apparently leaked photographs showing the latest prototype of the latest iPad and they indicate that it could be the thinnest yet. It isn’t exactly a huge surprise as rumours have been buzzing around for quite some time and the latest iPad is ..