PC Computers to become thinner and stronger with new Intel Skylake Chip

Intel-SkylakeIntel announced new Skylake processing chips at IFA tech show in Berlin today.

The new Skylake chips will bring improved performance, battery life and graphics-power to PC laptops, allowing them become much thinner than their predeccessors.  Intel have observed that there are approximately half a billion PC laptops over four years old in use and the improvements their new Skylake chips will incentivise PC users to upgrade.

Skylake chips have also been designed to handle a new type of high resolution 4K video compression which will allow video streaming that retains its picture quality whilst using less data.

“This is Intel’s best microprocessor ever,” stated Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s client computing group, during the company’s press conference at the tech show.  If these new chips deliver what they promise, we are sure to agree.

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