Sharing Links with Sound


Want to share a web page with someone without going to the hassle of emailing? Google is now bringing a new way to do so by adding a new plugin to its Google Chrome browser. With the help of this new feature, you can share the link by clicking a button on the top right corner; it will then emit a sound and share the link with the people nearby.

This new extension is called “Tone” and you will be able to share the link with every computer nearby within the range of earshot that has the same extension installed. It can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the volume of the Tone. Google said in a blog, “The first version was built in an afternoon for fun, but we increasingly found ourselves using it to share documents with everyone in a meeting quickly, to exchange design files back and forth while collaborating on user interface design, and to contribute relevant links without interrupting conversations.”

This extension is available for the Desktop version of Google Chrome and while the extension is enabled, it will keep the microphone turned on as well.


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