Shell and PayPal Hands in Hands


With all the advancement in modes of payments like Apple pay, Shell and PayPal now join hands and the people having account with PayPal can pay for their petrol at shell petrol station. The service is known as Fill Up and Go.  In order to use this service, users must have the App on their phone and link it with their PayPal account. The customer has to scan the code at the petrol station through the App before fuelling the vehicle.

“We’re committed to providing a fast, safe and secure service. We’ve listened to our customers and know they will benefit from this innovation. They will now have the flexibility and convenience of paying without having to leave their car. Those who want to go in store and pay or purchase other items will still be able to, with the benefit of reduced queues. This is an exciting development for Shell.  We believe that by working with a trusted brand like PayPal this new service will positively impact our service stations by delivering the security, choice and convenience UK motorists are after.” Retail Marketing Manager of Shell UK Mr Michael Hominick said.

Mr Rob Harper, The Director of Mobile Commerce at PayPal UK said, “Today we’re announcing a UK first – we’ve created a simple and secure way to use your mobile phone to pay at the pump nationwide. At PayPal, we’ve always believed people will use their mobiles to pay if there’s a clear benefit. With today’s announcement, we’re offering drivers a faster way to fill up their car and pay, and get back on the road.”

He also said: “PayPal’s been pioneering the future of money for years. Since 2011, we’ve been powering mobile commerce innovation on the British high street. We’ve helped retailers and restaurants get closer to their customers with new mobile experiences in their own applications and the PayPal App. Today consumers can use their mobile to pay at over 8,000 UK shops and restaurants. Our partnership with Shell takes us further down the road to the day you can leave your wallet at home and pay with your phone.”

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