Smartphone Moves by Lenovo


Believe it or not, Lenovo is the 3rd largest Smartphone producer in the world but it doesn’t have the same impact as its biggest rivals, Apple and Samsung. However, steps are being taken by the company to make it more visible in the consumer market. Taking over Motorola last year was the first step towards reshaping its Smartphone market share. This takeover will help dwindling performances by Motorola as well. The Lenovo president of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Mr Eric Cador has a vast experience in computing and technology. Mr Cador said, “I think the Lenovo brand still needs some work – I’m a newcomer so I can say that, but there’s no doubt that in Europe, Motorola is a strong name. That’s why we’re not going to mess around trying to build up Lenovo when there’s so much potential for Moto.”

Lenovo which was founded in 1984 sold around 76m smartphones last year all over the globe most of which were sold in China , Middle East and some other parts of Asia.  The company is now focusing on the European market by leveraging the Motorola brand name.

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Motorola’s New Moto X has a range of customisable options which appeals greatly to the current individualist creative market.


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