Steve Wozniak Criticises Apple For Delay In Big Screen iPhone

When Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus there were sniggers from some quarters with some accusations of Apple playing catch up with the companies such as Samsung. Just to add salt in the wound Apple’s own co-founder Steve Wozniak has sided with the critics and says Apple were miles behind competitors and released an iPhone with a bigger screen years earlier and he thinks Apple could have stolen a larger percentage of the smartphone market had it done so.

Steve Wozniak

Wozniak said: “Apple could have had a much bigger share of the smartphone market if it had a larger-screen iPhone for the past three years It could have competed better with Samsung. Tech is like a song. You can get all the details from someone else, but you’re not sure you like it until you hear it for yourself.’

He co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs during the 1970s, and was responsible for designing the Apple I computer. Wozniak permanently ended his full-time employment with Apple on February 6, 1987, 12 years after having created the company. Wozniak remains an employee of Apple and receives a stipend, estimated to be $120,000 per year. He is also an Apple shareholder.

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