Switching from iOS to Android



With the growing competition between Apple and Samsung, switching between one device to another is more common now. Sometime people switch from Apple to Samsung due to the wider more open nature of the Android Market. Due to compatibility issues however, people always find it hard to transfer all info from their IOS to Android. Here are some steps in order to move your data from IOS to Android.

Transferring Pictures:
First of all download the Google+ app from the App Store to your iPhone. Now open Google+ and sign in using your Google account. Select the Auto-Backup for your photos by selecting the menu icon, followed by the gear icon in the top right. Then go to Camera > Photos > Auto-Backup and switch it on. Your photos will begin saving to the cloud. All photos from your iOS device will now be on your new Android handset.

Transferring Contacts:
For the Transfer of Contacts you need to go to Settings, select Mail, go to Contacts and then Calendars. Now select Accounts and then iCloud. Open iCloud and turn on the toggle for Contacts, which will prompt you to merge your device’s contacts with iCloud. In a web browser on your laptop or desktop, open www.icloud.com and login with your Apple ID and click on Contacts. In the lower left corner, click on the wheel and Select All. After selected, click the wheel again and choose Export vCard. Now in web browser, go to www.gmail.com and click on the Mail button in the top left hand corner and select Contacts. There should be a list of your Gmail contacts. Now click the More button above the contacts list, then Import > Choose File > your saved vCard file. When importing is complete, Gmail will display the number of contacts imported. In the end delete any replicated contacts by selecting the Find & merge duplicates function under the More button above the contacts list.

Transferring iTunes Music to Google Play
Install Google Play Music Manager on your computer. Music Manager will upload your iTunes music to the cloud. Finish setting up your Google Play account by creating a Google Wallet account – which requires a credit card.

Final Step
You must turn off iMessage before stopping using Iphone or Ipad otherwise messages sent from other IOS devices will continue to Route to you. Turn off the iMessage befoe removing the SIM card

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