Luxury Gold iPhone 6 Swarovski Brilliance Elite By Goldgenie

Goldgenie have yet again raised the bar when it comes to customising iPhones. The NEW iPhone 6 has had the back and sides embellished in either 24 CT. Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum and also inlaid with Swarovski Crystals around the bezel and on the back top/bottom making this the must have iPhone. This masterpiece is ..

Goldgenie Give P Diddy Early Birthday Gift

P Diddy received his Limited edition King Combs branded 24k Gold iPhone 6 last week as an early birthday gift from London based customisation company Goldgenie. Stylist to the stars Sam Desalu who is also Goldgenie brand ambassador for the American market presented the rare 24k  iPhone that has been laser marked “King Combs” at an event ..

eBay Remove iPhone 6 Prototype Listing

Big news this week  has been the remarkable story of the Apple iPhone 6 prototype on eBay. The latest on the story is it’s removal from eBay in somewhat mysterious circumstances. The iPhone had been mailed to a customer in error instead of a new iPhone 6. The lucky customer used their initiative and put ..