The Day Apple Fans Have Been Waiting For

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The day Apple fans have been waiting for is finally here… Apple are to give their Keynote presentation at 9am in the 7000 capacity Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco later today. What can we expect? Well we do know that the presentation is called “Hey Siri Give Us a Hint” and if you say the same to Siri in the meantime, you will get an amusing range of hints from a series of random numbers to excuses such as having missed the secret keynote meeting due to reminding 3 million people to call their mother.  We thought we were in luck this morning (see hint below) but no, we will have to wait until 6pm BST just like everyone else…  To see what?  We can safely expect that the new iPhone will be revealed and the title might imply that the focus is on Siri, verifying that the rumours about the operating assistant becoming more intuitive… Maybe Siri, will hint at what we need before we have to ask… Just a guess!  Alongside the iPhone6s, a larger iPad Air is expected to be added to the iPad family and new accessories for the Apple Watch are believed to be on standby for show.  As impatient as we are, we shall have to wait and see…

The keynote presentation will commence at 9am PDT today (6pm BST in London) Apple are breaking old habits by enabling the keynote presentation to be streamed through the Apple website on Windows devices and not just through iOS as in the past so there is no excuse not to tune in later!


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