Tips to Expand your iPhone Storage



With the iPhone 6 and even the iPhone 6 plus, we have storage memory options of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB respectively. The storage space has always been an issue with smart phones as they can become full after a short time between Applications, Pictures, Videos and music, regardless of the model. There are certain methods to increase the storage capacity which could be helpful.

  1. Cloud Storage is one of the most easiest and hassle free way to backup the data. Online Storage tools such as Drop Box, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Apple’s own iCloud are the best to store the data on a cloud server. All you need is to install the related App on your device.
  2. Your Own Private Cloud Storage can be used if you want to keep your files or data accessible by you only. These storage devices are a kind of hard disks but work totally differently. Unlike external hard disk , these devices are configured with an IP and work online so you can access them from anywhere by internet
  3. Media Streamer is like an external hard disk especially designed for mobile. These handy wireless storage devices can be connected to your phone directly with the SD or SDXC memory card.
  4. Wireless Hard Disk is another reliable source to store your data. Unlike Media Streamers, Wireless Hard Disks supports large storage space and suits for someone who has a lot of Data they would like to keep safe and secure.

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