Use Apple Pay In The UK Today

Goldgenie recently announced that Apple Pay had been launched in the USA and were anticipating a 2015 launch for the UK. Well it is now unofficially available in the UK to users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by tapping the iPhone to the card reader.

The UK users is still awaiting official release of the service and waiting to see if banks and other UK organisations will support Apple Pay. However, we are delighted to let you know that you can pay for goods and services in the UK using Apple Pay right now! It is unofficial and you could call it a loophole!


Apple Pay currently works internationally in shops that accept NFC payments (a form of wireless communication that allows the flow of information between two devices. The technology, according to the NFCForum, comes in three flavors: tag reader and writer, device to device, and card emulation.).

So an American visiting the UK can use Apple Pay in NFC supported shops. So if you have an American based credit card you can use Apple Pay in the UK. Basically anybody that has an International bank account can set up Apple Pay and use it in shops. Keep an eye out for the contactless payment logo.

We are confident that UK banks will begin supporting apple Pay pretty soon and it shouldn’t be too far into 2015 when it is officially rolled out.


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