Wearable Technology Is Going To Be The Must Have Device Of 2015

Forrester Research are claiming that wearable technology is going to be the must have device of 2015 after recent survey results were revealed. This year has seen the popularity of wearable tech grow and 10% of Americans already own some form of wearable device. The survey also revealed that 45% of those questioned said that they were “intrigued by the prospect of getting a wearable device.”

Wearable Technology Festive Winner

Wearable Technology 2015

Europe has not quite got the same enthusiasm for these gadgets just yet with only 4% wearing fitness devices but 32% did claim to be interested in acquiring some form of wearable technology in the future.

Reuters have reported that the Apple Watch will really set the the trend on fire with its release next year. Apple are already reported to be looking for staff with fashion and also luxury product experience to help push the latest device to be added to their collection of must have devices. If anybody is going to get the wearable trend moving it will be Apple.

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