Will The HTC One M9 Be Thinnest Smartphone?

HTC One M9 may replace iPhone 6 as the thinnest smartphone on the market as the rumored smartphone will be 7 millimeter thick.

Although there have been no official specifications released for HTC One M9, it is rumoured to only be 7mm in thickness which would make it the thinnest smartphone on the market by a tiny 0.1mm as the iPhone 6 Plus comes with 7.1 mm thickness.

HTC One M9

Rumours suggest that the HTC One M9 will have an outer shell made from a composite of aluminum and liquid silicone and will have t a 5.2 inch screen.

There are also whispers that it will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 or the upcoming 810 processor and will also improve on previous HTC devices with a camera with higher megapixels, water resistant body, and longer battery life.

There has been no official, exact release date announced but it will be some time in March 2015. According to the rumours about the smartphone an announcement will probably be made on Mobile World Congress next year.

Goldgenie will of course keep you informed when the release date approaches early next year.


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