Wirelurker Virus Hits Apple iOS

Let’s be honest the majority of iPhone owners or even for that matter owners of most Apple products seem to think they are immune from hackers and viruses. Today is a bad day for those people as it is being reported by Palo Alto Networks that there may just be a nasty virus infecting hundreds of thousands of iPhone’s and iPads. The virus has been named Wirelurker.

The malware has been spread through Maiyada which is a 3rd party App Store for Mac mainly a for Chinese software. As soon as it has successfully infiltrated the computer, Wirelurker then spreads onto any iOS devices that are connected via USB to the computer.

iPhone VirusThis is the first serious malware threat that has ever been seen on an iOS device and will be a huge worry for Apple and it;s customers. Palo Alto Networks have been recommending users to avoid downloading any software for their Mac from 3rd party app stores and also not to use non official USB chargers.

Counterfeit iPhone chargers are very popular due to the low price but iPhones can be hacked into through these chargers taking advantage of a flaw in the data that transfers through Apple’s proprietary USB connector. You should avoid buying any chargers that are not official Apple as there have also been reports of these cheaper 3rd party chargers electrocuting people. Apple have now ensured that the lightning port has a chip inside that verifies them as being Apple approved so the majority of cheap cables won’t work with your iPhone at all.

Goldgenie will of course keep you updated with any more on this subject.

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